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Des Moines Authorities Arrest 25 in Weapons & Drug Investigation

Federal and state authorities arrested 25 people in connection to a massive drug and weapons investigation in Des Moines. These defendants are now facing federal drug and/or firearm charges as part of a joint investigation of a drug trafficking organization. 

On November 18th, 45 federal search warrants were executed in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Windsor Heights, Clive, Waukee and Adel. This resulted in the seizure of three pounds of cocaine, 18 pounds of marijuana, 1.5 ounces of heroin, 37 firearms and $50,000 in cash. The 25 defendants will now appear in federal or state court on various charges that carry maximum penalties of five years to life in prison. 

Federal Drug Charges in Des Moines

Federal drug charges in Iowa are serious offenses. The type of drug, the amount of that drug and prior convictions all contribute to the amount of prison time and fines faced. Conspiracy, possession, possession with intent to deliver, delivery and the manufacturing of illegal substances can all be tried in federal court.

Federal Firearm Charges in Des Moines

If a firearm is found in connection with another offense (including drug charges), it can be escalated to federal court. If convicted, the gun charge can carry a mandatory five-year sentence to run consecutive to the connecting offense.

Drug Crimes Lawyer in Iowa

If facing drug or firearms charges in Iowa, an experienced criminal defense attorney is your best defense. The laws regarding drug possession and trafficking are complex and vary from state to state and on the federal level. James Nelsen P.L.C. knows federal law and procedure, as well as their complex sentencing guidelines. Contact us today!